debug_toolbar_force package



debug_toolbar_force.apps module

debug_toolbar_force.conf module

debug_toolbar_force.conf.get_setting(setting, override=None)[source]

Get setting.

Get a setting from debug_toolbar_force conf module, falling back to the default.

If override is not None, it will be used instead of the setting.

  • setting – String with setting name

  • override – Value to use when no setting is available. Defaults to None.


Setting value.

debug_toolbar_force.defaults module

debug_toolbar_force.middleware module

class debug_toolbar_force.middleware.ForceDebugToolbarMiddleware(get_response=None)[source]

Bases: object

The django-debug-toolbar for views that do not return HTML.


Process request.

If GET_PARAM_NAME_NON_AJAX is present in request.GET, set request.is_ajax to False.

process_response(request, response)[source]

Process response.

If GET_PARAM_NAME_FORCE is present in request.GET wrap response in <html><body>{{ response }}</body></html>.

debug_toolbar_force.settings module

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